Meet Our Crew

 Brian Millen Captain/Owner
Brian is an SDI certified Open Water Diver and holds the DiveQuest scuba team to strict safety standards and high quality Instruction. Brian captains the crew to the dive sites and loves taking his crew and friends sailing on his dear sailboat, Nirvana.
Brian also holds his boat-cleaning crew to high standards providing an expert touch to each boat they are on, expecting his crew to treat each boat as if it were there own. 

 Heather Best-Troiano /Lead Instructor SDI, PADI, HSA

Heather has been diving since 2004 and has worked her way up the ranks to hold 3 Instructor certifications and multiple specialty certifications. She has gotten scuba awards such as the Elite Dive Instructor award. Heather loves to dive all types of environments from rivers to quarries but is most at home in the blue waters of the Caribbean!

Heather's underwater experiences have had many facets! She served as a Lieutenant for a dive rescue in Tennessee, a rescue diver and educational diver at the Tennessee Aquarium, and was part of the dive team at Sea World San Diego. Heather has a Masters in Animal Behavior/Ethology and her 25-year career was in zoos and aquariums across North America doing captive wild animal behavior studies and zookeeping but she always found time to submerge in the water before or after work!

Heather’s professional diving qualifications are:

  • Scuba Diving International Open Water Instructor (SDI) with 12 Diving Certifications
  • Professional Association of Dive Instructors Open Water Instructor (PADI) with 6 Diving Certifications
  • Handicapped SCUBA Association Instructor (HSA)

Her goal is to become an SDI Course Director one day! 

    Preet Mandhir Kaur / Heather Millen
    Preet Mandhir Kaur not only is SDI Certified Open Water Diver, she is also a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Preet Mandhir’s passion of yoga, meditation and breath work has lead her to begin her legacy project and to grow the Wellness Community of Dive Quest Adventures.
    Utilizing the science of Kundalini Yoga and application of yogic principles to one’s own life, Preet Mandhir assists others in discovering their true identity, self-love and divine healing capabilities. Her classes are gentle yet challenging, and each class offers an opportunity to increase self-awareness, become more present, as well as enhance vitality, radiance, and joy.
    Preet Mandhir has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and for over 20 years has assisted clients across the country design and implement well spaces through her firm, Elemental Design.
     Trey Marino / Instructor PADI

    Trey has loved the water his whole life and became a lifeguard as soon as he could. Trey joined the army after high school and retired after 25 years of service.

    Trey has been diving since 2018, and has 12 SCUBA certifications to include EFR Instructor, UDP Instructor and PADI Open Water Instructor. Trey plans on continuing his dive education, working towards PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT).

    Trey's greatest passion is working personally with the entire SCUBA community and his goal is to build a state-of-the-art dive pool.


    Daryn "Troy" Troiano/ PADI and SDI Divemaster

    Troy spent 10 years of service in the US Marine Corp and when he got out became a Commercial Diver and a scuba  Divemaster. Troy became scuba certified when he got married to a diver in 2010 (she told him "the family that dives together stays together"!)

    His passions are scuba diving and playing rugby, and it's not unusual to see him playing video games! 


    Winter Davis

    Winter Davis