Inboard & Outboard Vessel & Motor Maintenance, Service & Repair

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We offer the following services to help keep your boating time focused on the fun!  Our approach is to support your boat ownership as a team.  We will monitor, maintain and service your vessel, while you enjoy it's expected performance.  The level of our service is all up to you. 

1.  Introduction and Vessel Systems Checklist and Evaluation ($100)

2.  Outboard or Inboard Motor Scheduled Maintenance ($250 OB, $ 350 IO plus parts)

3.  Hull Bottom & Top Side Cleaning and Detailing ($100 minimum, 3 Plan levels $$$)

4.  Electrical, Lighting, Communications, Navigation, Safety and Systems ($100 minimum, plus parts)

5.  Plumbing and HVAC Systems ($100 minimum, plus parts)

6.  Hardware, Ground Tackle, Standing/Running Rigging and Systems ($100 minimum, plus parts)

7.  Canvass, Sails, Upholstery, Glass, Metal and Wood Trim detail and Systems ($100 minimum, plus parts)

8.  Galley, Head, Interior Layout/Design and Cruiser Comfort Systems ($100 minimum., plus parts)

9.  Dock Hand/First Mate Services (Need a captain, Trip Checklist and Fueling or ??)

10.  Dock side Dash Mate Service (Whatever you may think of to highlight your experience on the water prior to your arrival and after your departure... We are here to assist.

 To reserve a service schedule, please make a $100 minimum payment toward your selected scope of work interests.