Future Buddies

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This course is for ages 8-12 that are comfortable in the water with adequate swimming skills. Have fun breathing underwater, wearing SCUBA gear and practicing for a future as a SCUBA diver! You will be with a certified SCUBA Diving International Instructor, and we even have other certified divers watching your back! 

Fun fact, did you know that the deepest SCUBA dive by a dog was a dog named Shadow and his buddy Dwayne Folsom regularly takes him to depths of 13 feet!! You will actually be able to go to 20 feet! Sorry Shadow!

Who is this course for?

  • Children ages 8 to 12 who wish to experience the underwater world, or wish to have a career that will involve the underwater world such as a marine biologist

Course Prerequisites: 

  • Minimum age 8 with parental consent
  • Demonstrate comfort and adequate swimming skills

What you can expect to learn: 

The SDI Future Buddies Diver Course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

  • History of diving
  • The aquatic environment
    • Marine environment
    • Marine life
  • Physics and physiology
    • Buoyancy
    • Pressure
    • Air spaces
    • Equalization techniques
    • Lung over-expansion problems
  • Breathing air under pressure
  • Scuba equipment
    • Mask, fins and snorkel
    • Exposure protection
    • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD)
    • Regulator
    • Cylinders
    • Weight systems
    • Underwater instruments
  • Accessories
    • Dive flag

Some of the required skills you will have to demonstrate include:
The required skills should be performed in pool/confined water only, with a maximum depth of 6 metres/20 feet:

  • Weight system adjustment with proper weighting
  • Pre-dive check of self and buddy
  • Mask clearing; partial
  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) use
  • Buoyancy control
  • Regulator use
  • Underwater swimming; proper use of fins
  • Use of gauges
  • Underwater communications

What's in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in diving activities under direct supervision of the SDI Instructor* so long as the following limits are adhered to:

  • The diving activities approximate those of training
  • The areas of activities approximate those of training
  • Environmental conditions approximate those of training

SDI Future Buddies Diver Minimum Requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution

**Price does not include Scuba gear, but gear is available for rent or purchase (must have your own personal snorkel gear).**

**Price does not include any extra diving fees**

*Dates and times may vary depending on conditions/class size. 

There are no refunds, instead we makeup camps/diving depending on conditions and our calendar availability.